MBA & Leadership/Management Course

MBA & Leadership/Management Courses from Global Top Ranked Management Institutes for working professionals.

The biggest challenge for working professionals of today is to stay relevant and contemporary as far as their domain knowledge and skills are concerned. With management practices undergoing a paradigm shift due to the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business scenario of today with high penetration of technology in all spheres, staying employable and building cutting edge competency for themselves is the biggest challenge being faced by today’s professionals. Thus there is a pressing need to enhance their competency which shall enable them to keep adding value for the businesses they are associated with.

It is with this in mind the initiative of imparting executive MBA/management training (long term as well as short term programmes) through academic partnership with premier B schools of the world (viz IIM C, IIM K, XLRI, IIM A, IIM L, INSEAD, Wharton School of Business, Stanford School of Business ) was undertaken by Times of India under the brand name of TSW. We at Ascend HR Solutions Pvt Ltd have partnered with Times Of India as a Channel Business Partner for this MBA/Management Training venture in Kolkata wherein online management education is imparted in a world class state-of-the-art facility located at Plot No. EN-13, Maclean House (2nd Floor, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091. The centre is supervised by a qualified Career Advisor and managed with utmost professional expertise.

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IIM Kozhikode Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management for Working Professionals

The Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP) in Management for Working Professionals is a two-year programme comprising of 750 hours of classroom instruction delivered over an Interactive Learning (IL) platform, including 3 weeks of in-campus modules.

With a curriculum design that reflects the best of management theory and practice, the objective of the programme is to impart management education with a global outlook.

The programme will empower working executives and entrepreneurs seeking to stay invested in the knowledge economy and take their organisations to the next level.

The innovative curriculum and proven pedagogy will enable participants to leverage the knowledge and skills gained to enhance their performance in the real world.

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XLRI Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM)

In today’s world, professionals across domains are expected to possess a sound knowledge and understanding of management skills in addition to their domain knowledge.The PGCBM programme has been designed with the objective of providing working professionals across various industries with an overview of fundamental management concepts, tools, and their application.

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IIM Calcutta Executive Programme in Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing: Independent, Yet Interdependent
Sales and Marketing are two independent but interconnected business functions within an organisation that are integral to revenue generation.While Sales encompasses all activities that lead to the sale of products and services,Marketing encompasses all activities that help spark interest and desire in a product or
service brand.Neither of the functions is mutually exclusive, and are both critical for an organisation’s
efficiency and profitability.

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XLRI Senior Leadership Programme (PGCSL)

The senior management’s role is to keep a team focused and motivated. This would require skills
related to effective communication of strategy, negotiation, abilities to influence team
behaviour and manage team results. In a senior role, it’s crucial that one has the right blend of
soft skills and a strategic mindset to achieve specific performance outcomes at one’s
organization. The PGCSL equips one with the critical skills to lead one’s organization to success.

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IIM Indore Executive Programme in Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing: Independent,Yet Interdependent
Sales and Marketing are two independent but interconnected business functions
within an organisation that are integral to revenue generation.
While Sales encompasses all activities that lead to the sale of products and
services, Marketing encompasses all activities that help spark interest and desire
in a product or service brand.
Neither of the functions is mutually exclusive, and both are critical for an
organisation’s efficiency and profitability.

IIM Calcutta Post Graduate Certificate in Family Business Management

The business environment in India is rapidly changing. It is far more dynamic today than ever before. Family managed businesses must adapt to professional way of managing their businesses to remain afloat in today’s dynamic environment. This programme is therefore developed to educate and enable the owners / top-management of the Family Businesses in India to understand and learn how to tackle the challenges faced by them and continue to contribute to the national economy in a bigger way. The programme should enable them to explore how to scan the environment and identify / encash the opportunities available to them to grow either in the same field or in new vistas; will expose them to the theory related to the functional aspects of the business, developing strategies and the importance of professional management.

After completing this programme, the participants should be able to
Develop an understanding of the role of an entrepreneur/innovator,
Appreciate the functional aspects of their businesses,
Develop a strategy to take their business ahead in the competition, and
Understand how to take their business global

IIM Indore Post Graduate Programme in Investment Banking

The Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Investment Banking (PGCPIB) is designed to provide professionals with the necessary knowledge to handle various aspects of investment banking roles and responsibilities, such as asset management, security valuation, and other derivatives instruments in order to meet specific investment goals for the benefit of investors. . The course also aims to cater the other functional areas of investment banking like Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment, and portfolio management and investment advisory services to high net worth individuals. The programme also covers the tools and techniques necessary to optimise the risk-return framework across various asset classes.

The primary function of investment banking is to raise funds for clients. This is primarily accomplished in two ways: by issuing the company’s equity and debt. A company that wants to issue bonds hires an investment bank not only to help structure the bonds, but also to tap into their vast network of potential investors. It works in the same way when selling equity or stock to raise funds. When a company holds an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to sell stock to the general public, investment bankers are the first people to call. Investment bankers’ responsibilities also include determining the IPO price.

The programme equips participants with current knowledge and skills in the field of investment banking. In short, the programme will prepare participants to make informed and effective decisions in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPOs), valuation, bond trading portfolio advisory services, and other areas, as well as provide hands-on knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful Investment Banker.

The programme is designed to prepare commerce and non-commerce graduates for core investment banking and other specialised finance jobs such as Investment Banking, Equity Research, Credit Analysis, Financial Analysis, Project Finance, Portfolio Management, Capital Markets, and other related fields. This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the concepts and real-world applications of finance, as well as practical case studies. Full-time students and working professionals alike will benefit from the program’s flexible design.
The program’s goal is to educate participants who want to work in investment management, whether they have prior experience in the field or not. The programme is designed in such a way that participants from any stream can gain the necessary knowledge to become an expert in investment management. It is intended for executives who have recently assumed or are being groomed to assume significant managerial responsibilities in the field of investment management in the future. The programme would build on such executives’ previous work experience while also providing them with additional knowledge and skills to help them become more effective investment managers.

IIM Indore Executive Programme in Digital Transformation

Today, digital transformation is fostering an innovative culture and
enabling businesses to foresee changes. The Executive Programme
in Digital Transformation was designed keeping in mind the
growing need for individuals with cutting-edge technological abilities.
The need for digital transformation, the building blocks and
ecosystem of a digital enterprise, and the people aspect involving
change management and the role of leaders form the three core
aspects of this programme that help you create and nurture a digital
culture in your organisation. Get a firm grasp of the concepts and lead
the strategy, technology, and people aspects of the digital
transformation journey in your organisation.

IIM Calcutta Executive Programme in
Business Analytics

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” This
quote by Peter Søndergaard, Chairman of the Board, 2021.AI, and one of the world’s
leading technology experts, sums up the significance of analytics in business aptly.
With huge amounts of data floating across all business verticals, Business Analytics has
become the key area of focus in most industries. Business Analytics is the iterative
exploration of past business performance to drive future business. It uses specialised
technologies, skills, and statistical methods to understand past data and gain insights
for the future.
Organisations typically use Business Analytics to analyse data from various sources,
recognise patterns from that data, monitor trends in real-time, and make informed
business decisions.

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IIM Calcutta Executive Programme in
Business Management

To paraphrase Peter Drucker, management can be described as the dynamic life-giving
and life-sustaining element of every business enterprise. It is the thinking organ that
provides vision to the business. It is also the integrating force for the accomplishment
of business objectives. Business Management involves strategic thinking,
decision-making, and ethical leadership that keeps an organisation on track and
moving toward its goals at the right time and in the right manner.

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IIM Calcutta Transitioning into Leadership: A Programme for Women Executives

The programme will be a 12 month, 50 sessions intensive platform/ face to face, featuring a mix of lectures, case studies and workshops. It intends to sensitize participants to the transformation of women in organizations from managerial roles to leadership positions, and subsequently attempts to equip the participants with both theoretical and applied skills that would guide them to navigate their paths through the complex processes of managerial renovations. In the process, they would engage with a variety of executive dimensions that require leadership vision, self-exploration and understanding, skills, applications and articulations. How do women in the corporate become effective leaders is the broad question this program intends to respond to at various levels of managerial, administrable and political crossroads.
Transformation from managerial to leadership roles for working women professionals. The programme will include the following modules:

 Issues faced by women in organizations
 Leading and managing teams
 Strategic leadership
 General management: an overview of organizational functioning
 Leadership communication
 Human resource management for gender diversity
 Legal perspectives for working women in India
 Managing in a digital era
 Working women in emerging markets
 The balancing act: work & life
 Building one’s leadership potential

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IIM Calcutta Senior Management Programme

This one-year programme has been designed specifically for senior executives to:
(1) equip them with analytical skills;
(2) enhance their existing functional competencies; and very importantly,
(3) transform them into strategic leaders.
The programme covers twelve modules which expose participants to contemporary macro perspectives as well as functional knowledge for enhancing their strategic decision making.
The Programme has been designed keeping in mind Senior and Middle-level managers with more than ten years of work experience. The Programme will be most useful for managers newly taking on (or likely to take on) senior management responsibilities, and for senior functional managers moving to general management roles. Practicing senior managers who wish to update themselves on recent management thoughts will also find this programme relevant.

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IIM Calcutta’s Executive Programme in Strategic Human Resource Management

Creating sustainable value through people is of strategic importance for most organizations. Contemporary pressures such as globalization, rapid changes in technology and social norms, and increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility make it imperative to take a strategic perspective on human resource management issues, beyond the traditional administrative way of managing people. Most employers now recognize employees as a source of sustainable competitive advantage. This program, while recapitulating participants’ knowledge of the HRM domain at an operational level, seeks to build on it to develop a strategic perspective. The program aims to equip middle and top-level managers, both line managers and HR managers, with knowledge and skills to make human resource management decisions to build and sustain competitive advantage. The program begins with a brief overview of basics of HRM, employee/ industrial relations, leadership and talent management, organizational culture, followed by an overview of basics of strategy, both business and corporate strategy, and then on the link between strategy and HRM. The program also covers general management topics that are relevant for SHRM, along with contemporary issues such as international HRM, managing platform economy workers, evolving issues in employee/ industrial relations, HR analytics and millennial workers. Objectives: 1. Distinguish between strategic and operational HRM 2. Understand business strategy and corporate strategy 3. Understand the relationship between Strategic HRM, and business and corporate strategy 4. Understand the integration of HRM with marketing, finance, and operations 5. Understand the contemporary developments and challenges in HRM and Employee/Industrial Relations

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The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) for Working Professionals is a two-year degree granting course designed to help working professionals to broaden their perspectives and upskill themselves with key management skills while continuing to work. The programme offers excellent opportunity for the participants to become strategic thinkers, develop effective decision-making skills and unleash their leadership potential.
The program is rigorous and rich in relevant content that caters to the needs and demands of the ever-evolving business environment. In first year, the participants will get to enhance their knowledge in all functional management domains viz. Marketing, Economics, Finance & Accounting, Organisational Behaviour, Information Systems, Human Resources, Strategy, Production and Operations, and Entrepreneurship. In second year, participants will get to choose from a wide variety of elective courses based on their domains of interest along with core subjects like Project Management, Business Ethics and Law, and the culminating Capstone Project. Throughout the program, the participants will learn various frameworks, tools and techniques for developing their managerial skills -both analytical and behavioural. As a general management programme, the highlight of the EMBA offered by IIM Visakhapatnam is the application-oriented design of the curriculum with a good blend of fundamental management knowledge with integrative learning across domains.The graduates of this programme would be competent and confident to effectively contribute to their organizations’ growth and success.

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